Rishi Mohan

Hey, I’m Rishi Mohan!

I’m a 24 year old designer based in India. I like technology, design, apps, reading, writing, creating stuff, travelling and taking photos.

Although I’ve been into design since I was in school, I’m working professionally as a designer for the past two years and I love it. I’ve worked as a UI/UX Designer at Instahyre, and I’m currently designing things at BigBinary.

Apart from that, I work on my own ideas and make them alive in my spare time. From making Photoshop extension to designing themes for WordPess and Tumblr, I’ve done it all. My work has been featured in blogs like SmashingMagazine and CreativeBloq. I usually work on things that I would personally want to use.

The best thing I’ve created till now is ZINX, a tech and design blog which has recieved over 3 million hits till now, and has been featured on blogs like Mashable, The Next Web and LifeHacker.


I like technology, design and photography and I can discuss about these all day. So DM me if you want me around.