2021 Recap - Rishi Mohan

2021 started with me being in Jodhpur. For the last 4 years, I’ve been spending New Year’s eve in different places.

2017 was in Udaipur, 2018 was in Bhopal, 2019 was in Luxembourg, 2020 was in Jodhpur. I’ve enjoyed every bit of these moments in each of these places. It’s my little something that I don’t why I like to do, but it makes me feel little adventurous, little rebel.

2021’s New Year was supposed to be in Chandigarh but I cancelled the plan the last minute. I didn’t really want to break the streak but then I know life’s more than continuing a weird streak.

So, here I am, just finished watching Emily in Paris S2, in my bed, in 📍 Agra. It’s 01:32 and I guess the right time to ponder over the past year.

The Goods

🚀 I started Kizie as a side-project

Kizie helped me be occupied, in my sanity. I’m a professional over-thinker and my free time makes me think about random weird things. Not getting enough time is pretty good for someone like me. Kizie has done well enough till now, it’s making some side $$ for me but more importantly it has helped me learn a lot.

Not only that, I’ve made some great acquaintances, connections and friends who inspire me to do better.

🕊 The free living

With free, I mean freedom. When you’re free, away from people’s expectations and not too attached, you have this liberty to fly. The world is too big to focus on things that don’t excite you, the time is too short to not be adventurous and write stories that you want to.

Mentally I think this realisation of free living has been had long back and I’m just realising it.

✈️ The travel

I was able to travel quite a few cities this year and feel grateful about it considering the Covid condition we were in.

January I was in Jodhpur, February in Pune, March I went to Rishikesh, August and September I contented in Goa, November I trekked in Dharamshala.

Really good experiences all over the map have been recorded this year. Met new people, made new friends, talked to interesting souls and lived in the moment. Just the kind of life I want and look forward to.

👯‍♂️ The people

I am grateful, that’s how I would like to start. Without the continuous coincidence of meeting really good people, this year would’ve definitely not turned out this good.

The year was also full of goodbyes but I think it’s a part of life, nothing is constant. And that’s why you should cherish each and every bit of a moment with everyone.

🧑‍💻 The work

It’s been 6 years since I’ve been working at BigBinary and I still feel lucky to be working here. The amount of flexibility that I get is something I’m grateful for. Professionally I’ve learn new things and can definitely say I’ve better skills now then an year back.


There is more, definitely much more. I can continue writing and I would still miss a lot to sum up. This year was good even if Corona happened, even if goodbyes happened, even if I was anxious, even if some plans didn’t make it, even if I was lost, the year was still great.

If you know me, or not anymore, or will know me, just know that I’m becoming one heck of a guy 😅 and thank you for bearing my lame jokes and unserious-ness.

Au revoir.