Accepting payments using Stripe for Indian users

A guide on why and why shouldn't you use Stripe in your products, and how am I accepting INR and int

Living on a boat

Do you know what life feels like at this point? Like a fakir who wants to cross a big sea, the end o

Airport diaries ✈️

I've been travelling since last 3 months. Here's all the experiences I've had those months travellin

On leaving BigBinary

Last couple days in BigBinary where I've worked for 6 long years. Learned, lived and laughed...

Using `theme-color` meta tag

Learn how to use a special meta tag called theme-color to spice up your website's accent in Safari,

How I fixed "Discovered not indexed" issue in Google Search

It's not uncommon to have some of your sitemap links to not be indexed in Google search. Google tags

2021 Recap

The good, the bads and alrights of 2021

Adding canonical tag in Next.js

Make it easy for search engines to find out correct URL in your Next.js blog or website.

DOM element to Image and saving image to Clipboard in JS

Wrote a blog post on BigBinary Blog to create an image from DOM element, and saving the image to cli

The issue with Next.js <Link /> tag

Next.js Link tag makes it fast to navigate between pages, but it comes with a big accessibility issu

3 simple and free macOS Color Picker apps

After trying tons of apps like ColorSlurp and ColorPeeker, I've found Pika to be the best free color

The Triund trek

From wanting to do a trek before 2021 fades out to doing it, here's why I'm going to remember from t

What I don't want to be when I grow up

A certain list of traits that I have decided after observing people close to me which I don't want t

I don't know where am I heading but I'm on my way

The thought of what life is all about and the wandering between Passion, People and Nature

Some learnings from my first side-project

Just a list of some miscellaneous learnings from my first product built with Next.js, TailwindCSS an

A Simple SVG Spinner Icon

An animated SVG for a spinner icon that can be used in any kind of project

On lockdown days and my favorite content

I never had imagined in my life that I would face something like this.

The Cosmic Label

The Cosmic Label is a place where I’m exploring my interest in menswear and aesthetic dressing, I’m

Sinhagad: My first ever trek

Finally checked my goal to do a trek before the end of the year

My Review of iOS 12

After using iOS 12 for a week, I feel there are some nice additions. The features that I'm enjoying

Kathmandu in Photos

I did a quick trip of 5 days to Kathmandu and I did not like it as much as I expected me to

iOS 12 Wishlist

From Notifications grouping, priorities, RAW support in stock Camera app, redesigned home-screen to

Udaipur Travel Blog

Places I travelled in Udaipur, experiences and photos from the trip

Interview at Hello Remote Life

TL;DR — We work hard in our lives to achieve what we want, but most forget why we’re doing what we’r

Shot on iPhone 8 Plus

Story behind why I got iPhone 8 Plus and shots from my recent trip to Patna

Hello World!

Who am I and what this website is all about