Rishi on a beach in Goa doing what he loves, watching sunset

I’m almost 30 and when I look back, I have experienced lots of things, places, emotions, experriences and I’m grateful for that

What would I remember the most?

I remember people I laughed with, people I wanted to see smile, memories I made in different corners of the world, making sudden plans :)

I remember not just the biggest of things, but also small ones, the moments. Like sitting on my bed looking at the moon at 2am thinking about future, or sitting at my favorite beach in Goa and see waves come and go, or walking the city in a full snowy day in Budapest. There are many

Of all the things that have happened, the last one year or so have been the most craziest and twistful

I moved to Berlin mainly to explore EU while working, that move I assumed would be a big change but that just wasn’t. The big change was totally unexpected and came right after I moved to Berlin and was not at all related to the city

I wish I could write here about it, and tell the world about the best things I’ve felt so far. And the worst things I’ve experienced. How some dreams came back and looked possible, and how the same dreams broke, all in last one year

It’s like the world came altogether for some time and then went upside down the next moment

Slowly, and then all at once

It wouldn’t be wrong if I say that’s how I’ve been most of my life. Clueless