I didn't know I would love travelling so much until back in 2017 December when I first decided to do a solo to Udaipur. It was my first time out alone and god I felt scared but excited at the same time. After that trip to Udaipur I realized how travelling can add to your life in terms of knowledge, meeting new people and perspective. You meet people, talk to them and share experiences, cultures, ideas which is a big thing.

The other aspect of travelling that I love is capturing moments, and that helped me up my photography game a bit. You can head over to my Instagram or Unsplash to check some of the photos I've taken while exploring beautiful destinations. Lakes, the mountains, greenery and the clouds in the sky, scenes that you don't get to see on a regular day is what I like to capture.

I've created this page to visualize all the locations I've been so far.