Rishi Mohan

Sleeping has become a good escape lately. Once I used to sleep at 2 or 3am, I’m dozing off before 12 these days

Not like I don’t have a thing or two to do, it’s more like my mind refuses to prioritize them when it has so much of emotional capacity missing

Makes me think about what’s missing. And I know what it is, very very clearly

I’m pretty sure it’s same on the other side too. And maybe that’s why I keep thinking of typing a mail or two, so I can say, no I can’t talk for 2 minutes. I don’t want to. Because I wanted to keep talking and never stop

I wanted to sail and let the ship take me wherever it wants to. For I considered the ship my destiny, and not the destination

Left of my mind says “life’s too short to…” bs, and right of it says “remember how you were made feel

And as it wasn’t always, I drop the idea and put the phone back

I’m a strong believer in expressing what one feels, but this time I can’t do that. Trust me, I very much want to, but I can’t :)

And that’s when my heart says you’ve tried enough

The Universe will never give you peace in something you were never meant to settle in