Do you know what life feels like at this point? Like a fakir who wants to cross a big sea, the end of which is covered by huge fog, the end of which he can’t see.

And that, the fakir doesn’t have a boat of his own. But that’s where life unfolds its dices for him. He has taken a help of someone with boat to cover a part of this sea. The person was a good company for however far they travelled. But that person had to go somewhere else, and so the journey ended.

But before it ended, and before that person left, in the middle of the sea the fakir was lucky enough to find another person with a boat. In the middle of the sea he switched to other boat and said goodbye to the person who rafted him till this point. Fakir must be grateful for the help, for the memories.

How lucky one has to be to get help right when they need? Well, the fakir is that lucky. He has been in the sea for some time now, and he has been hitchhiking through boats now.

It’s his 4th boat he’s on, or 3rd, he can’t remember. And he can’t see the sea ending yet. Sometimes he looks back from the boat, only to realise he’ll never find what he’s looking for!?