Won’t go much about the state of our planet right now, there’s chaos all over, thousands of deaths all over the world, places are locked down and everyone is asked to not go out, the villain? CORONA virus. I never had imagined in my life that I would face something like this.

Had I crossed path with Covid-19 suspect?

In January before the Corona virus scene got serious, I was in a lounge at Istanbul airport trying to rest, and about 10 yards from me was a Chinese/Korean/Japanese girl, who was sweating a lot, with a lot I meant her face was almost dripping sweat. I ignored that at that time but now I feel like I had crossed path with someone who might have had Corona. She sat there for about an hour or so and then left, while my layover was for about a day. Luckily, I haven’t felt any of the symptoms yet and hope I don’t get it.

Without phone? What happened to your phone?


So a week back, on March 21st, while taking my phone out of tripod with lightning cable still attached to the phone I broke the only lightning cable I had. I thought I would just order one quickly which I did and the new lightning cable was supposed to come on 23rd. Luckily, my phone was almost full when the cable broke so I had some time with it. The next day, and since Covid-19 situation was getting out of hand in all over the world, India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi goes live and announces the whole of INDIA will be on lockdown and all the non-essential shops and services would be halted, for 21 DAYS. What this meant was, nobody will be let roam around the streets, no store would be allowed to open unless it’s essential(talk groceries, medicine stores etc.). It also meant that Amazon won’t be delivering anything that’s not essential, and not just Amazon but other online stores as well. At this point of time, I had a trouser coming from Myntra, two lightning cables and couple more things from Amazon. I didn’t really care of anything but the lightning cable.

March 24th, this was the day the lightning cable was supposed to be delivered but unfortunately it didn’t. And since then it has been 7 days and my phone is dead. The lockdown was already a torture and on top of that I can’t even use my phone is an overkill for me. I have never been appreciative enough of my laptop before as it is the only way I’m connected to my family and friends. I have seen tons of series, movies since the start of the lockdown and crossed the point where I can’t handle anything digital anymore, but then there’s not much to do. Can’t gather enough courage either to just start a new project or write a new app or something.

Present day


March 29, the good news is says they’ve resumed delivers in select cities but Pune is not in the list. I guess it might take 2-3 more days for the lightning cable to come to me. In all the free time I’m still watching movies, yesterday night I watched “Sanam Teri Kasam”, it was a good one time watch. Also it rained in Pune yesterday and the weather was dark and little cold, so I took some photos and edited them in Polarr photo editor. I was trying Polarr for the first time I found it really good, there’s almost every slider and nob for you to adjust your photos, including curves, toning, custom presets etc., there’s basically tons of more features.

New content discovered which I liked


As I mentioned there’s lot of time killing happening so I’ve been and have already watched tons of movies, music videos and some series. Here are some of the content I liked:


  • Tell me you’ll try by Rohan Thakur – He’s one of my favorite travel vlogger with channel name Ronnie & Barty, and I didn’t knew he can sing so well. If I’m right he has recorded this song in this lockdown time, good utilization of free time.
  • Beparwaah by Rupali Moghe – This is from my favorite YouTube channel called “The Last Cigarette”. They basically post subtle songs from indie indian artists and this song is touching.
  • Teri Meri Pehli Shaam by Punit Singh – This guy has some really great songs, this one is my favorite from him, but do checkout his other songs too.


  • Peter McKinnon – I’ve been watching Peter’s videos since some time now and I like his work and the amount of efforts he put in his work is inspiring. This is the second day of me writing this blog and a part of courage in writing it is coming from him, so thanks Peter. He’s been producing some new videos almost daily these days so go check them out.
  • Tehzeeb Hafi – I like listening to shayaris since I discovered a video of Gulzar reciting his poetry in this own words[link]. I often find myself sleeping listening to shayaris and Tehzeeb’s are too good. If you’re into these do check this video out, I’m sure you’ll like his work.
  • Love Travel Repeat by Gobble – It’s a good travel series of a couple Kriti and Pranay, who decide to Travel from Bangalore to Mumbai(I think) and they take detours to travel some of the nicest places in the way.
  • Happily Ever After – This is about Avani and Roneet, who fall in love with each other and decide to get married. The true series of events happen when they decide to make it destination wedding where they come across tons of situations and drama.
  • Operation MBBS – It’s a fun story of three students who join MBBS, later on become friends and have fun and hardships together.


  • Contagion – This movie gave me chills and made me think what if Covid-19 is same sort of virus which is shown in the movie. This movie basically will help you relate to current state of Covid-19. A good watch.
  • Someone Great – It’s a story of a girl who was dumped by her boyfriend and to get over with that, she goes on fun with her two best friends, it’s really a good fun movie.

Will we make it?

So it’s March 29, 11:55 and I just saw a tweet from The Spectator Index, for those who want to be in track of what’s happening in the world and be updated about the latest in Covid-19 scene they must follow this account.

The tweet says over 30,000 people have died of Corona virus. That’s a huge number and the depressing thing is that we still don’t have a vaccine for the virus. At the time of writing this, there are a total of 665,164 confirmed cases of Covid-19 all over the world. I don’t know what is coming ahead of this but lets keep on doing the only thing we can do, wear masks when needed, keeping distance from people and stop going out until it’s really needed.

Corona go!