2023 Recap - Rishi in Budapest

2023 wasn’t an ordinary year for me. In fact I think it was the most exciting and drastic year

2023 Highlights

  • Moved to Berlin in March and started a new life
  • Started talking to my best friend again, after a gap of 3 years
  • Travelled 9 different EU cities from March to December
  • Grew my side-project Pika.style from $1.5K to $2.7K MRR, launched Pika API in December
  • Learnt a lot of new things, most important was to know when to ask for help and how important it is

What more of I want to do in 2024

Write more

My last blog post here was at the end of 2022. It’s been one year since I’ve not written anything long form and I want to change that in 2024. The goal is to write more about anything that interests me

Focus on Pika and explore other ideas

I’ve experimented with new SaaS ideas in the background while I was working on Pika in 2023. Because of all the travelling I couldn’t focus much on that, but in 2024 I want to work on growing Pika and in parallel explore and possibly make live at least one more product

Clarity on relationships

2023 was a roller coaster in terms of relationships. I haven’t had such emotional year before this. Life has given me a lot of uncertainties when it comes to meaningful relationships, or relationship to be more clear. This year, I want to be more clear on what I want and be more strict about it

Experience more

Moving to Berlin helped me experience a lot of new things. From experiencing my first beer to trying out saunas to tasting Pastel de Natas to first kayaking in Spreewald to attending my first concert at Lollapalooza Berlin

I get hesitant and uncomfortable before trying new things, but in 2023 I pushed myself a bit and got more open to trying new things. I want to continue doing that in 2024 and experience more first time things