Pika Screenshot

Created Pika to quickly generate shareable screenshots from boring screenshots. Previous workflow included involvement of Figma in which I had to open the app and then figure out the background gradient and shadows etc.

Here’s how it works:

  • You just paste your screenshot
  • Customize the screenshot, add background, shadow etc.
  • Copy the output image, or save it as PNG on your machine

Pika saves your previous settings so when you load it again, it’ll retain your last settings.

Pika is open-source and the code is available at Github.

Update (September 07, 2022)

  • To increase the scope of what Pika can do, I’ve added mockup templates which will let users design mockups for various use cases, for e.g App Store template to design screenshots for App Store pages, or code to image template to create shareable images from code snippets
  • Templates will also help in getting diverse organic traffic since it’ll target very specific keywords
  • To achieve Templates, I’ve rewritten major chunk of components that can be used commonly along all the templates

Update (April 18, 2022)