ZINX is a technology and design blog I started in 2013. Back then, I used to spend a lot of my time playing video games and reading about latest technologies and design trends. I’ve written over 500 articles on the blog since then and it’s been the most successful blog I’ve made.

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From Mashable to SmashingMagazine to 9to5Mac, ZINX has been mentioned on a lot of popular blogs and magazines. But the bigger and important thing is, it has helped a lot of users from around the world discover new apps and services.

ZINX isn’t just about tech and design though, after getting an Android phone, I’ve started reviewing apps on the blog and I really enjoy reviewing apps. And not only Android apps, there are tons of reviews of Mac, iOS and Web apps as well.

Developers work very hard and spend a lot of time working on apps like Raindrop, or on a game like VainGlory, and I feel that good work should be noticed by more people. That’s my primary goal behind ZINX, to promote apps, services and games which are beautiful and deserve every bit of attention. For example Escriba, it’s a very simple yet visually appealing web-based text editor and is very useful if you want to write Markdown on web, but not a lot of people know about it just because it isn’t popular. There are lots of apps like that which are good but aren’t popular. If you want to discover such apps, go ahead and check out Mac, iOS or Android archives on the blog and I’m sure you’ll find some good ones.

Zinx Screenshot

Unfortunately, my interest of writing my own apps and travelling has taken over my old interest of blogging and so I don’t get time to update ZINX. But I’ll be back some day and will update the blog with more articles.